Staying Silent No Longer

Eye8eon has been recently set up because I, a 29 year old slave to my conscience, really, really dislike E.ON, the disgustingly criminal energy company with a global presence, particularly in Europe.

E.ON are responsible for directly emitting absolutely criminal amounts of CO2 across the continent. They pump millions of tonnes of C02, to the detriment of the planets naturally unfolding future, from chimneys of power stations and are also responsible for rising bills to households and people that already suffer under the weight of capitalism.That is not even to mention the question of whether or not energy should be mass owned by corporations or left for us all to use, as and when we design, in a safer, more beneficial manner, ie. not for gain or profit, but for sustainable energy for everyone!

E.ON make billions upon billions of pounds in profits, and have recently sought to buy more assets in Europe.

The Chief Executive Officer (or Chief Environmental Offender!) is Dr Paul Golby. He’s risen through the ranks of big branded companies, like Dunlop for example, to become head of one of the most climate damaging entities around: E.ON

E.ON started back in 2000 when it….blah blah blah…check wikipedia if you want that background rubbish!

Eye8eon is  all about crapping on E.ON, using the web to rant about them, telling you about actions against them and any other business that I find that involves E.ON.

Oh how I wish for E.ON’s eventual demise, during a time when renewable and sustainable and affordable and non-enviro-impacting energies are in abundance…

And now you can sound off about E.ON, or anything E.ON related, by using this blog space to contact me and help me publish anti-E.ON propaganda!

Or you can visit this space and see what E.ON are upto, as and when I learn about it and publish it……


46 Responses to “Staying Silent No Longer”

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  5. rdmantle Says:


    What are your thoughts on Scroby Sands, Pelamis and Steven’s Croft?

    I’d be interested to hear.

    • eye8eon Says:

      pelamis is probably the way to go, along with wind power and other safe energy providers. I certainly support the technology at the moment, admittedly, i only heard of it last year. but it is promising.
      but, in my opinion, scroby sands is greenwash from E.ON. If it was that brilliant, enough to fuel 30,000 homes (which is what E.ON say on the website), then why cant it be turned into a project to fuel 30,000,000 homes? because it would bankrupt them, thats why.
      E.ON’s ceo, paul golby is only concerned with wind/renewable power, because he’ll stand to make money from it when the time comes to monopolies from it – which the big companies will inevitably will do. Thats why he’s on the energy research partnership (look them up through google)….When governments are forced to turn more and more toward wind and renewables (probably not in our life time) its the likes of E.ON that will plunder the resources and make billions from them, whilst certainly keeping us, the morons paying all the taxes, from gaining our own fuel management and production systems independently. I am suspicious of E.ON and any programme they involve themselves in.

      Why, what do you think of them…? I’d like to hear.

      • rdmantle Says:

        They’re OK.

        It’s unrealistic to expect to able to power 30 million homes off the back of renewables alone, it’s important that we embrace ALL technologies until renewables are in a position to provide the bulk of our energy requirements. This includes sources such as coal, nuclear and the usual renewable suspects.
        Unfortunately, renewables are just not reliable enough, nor cheap enough to the consumer to make them a viable solution at this time, although this should remain the aim.
        I await, with some interest, news on the DESERTEC project, of which EON are a consortium member.

  6. james Says:

    amazing the amount of trolls here, wow. RBS & all the banks who got trillions from taxpayers & have major shares in EON must be really impressed, hope some of you are at least getting paid to spout your shite.
    Some people here shouldnt call EON or all police fascist,we live in a system that allows 10million children to die unecessarily a year but the BNP & Nazi Germany were worse. With education& fair trade-wages its been shown that population levels stabilise, instead of people being born to be beasts of burden. Some technology is very useful in hands of educated workers.

    • eye8eon Says:

      ive got a mate who is a copper, he’s a nob for being one, but i still love him,however, he’s knows what side he’s on and if the time came, he’d turn on his pay masters. also, i have no gripe with 95% of e.on employees……the workers should own the means of production, thats about as much marxism i ever could stand.
      on the way to ratcliffe, i got speaking to a man who used to work for e.on at ratcliffe for three years. he supported my argument that the workers should kick out the big bosses, keep the union reps and fuck off the ceo’s and top execs and transition the power station to renewables and green power as soon as possible.

  7. Justin Says:

    No replies from you today, hope you have not been arrested on your recent attempt at smashing the capitalist state.

    Or maybe you took my advice and got locked up so that you can go and visit your lover in prison.

    • eye8eon Says:

      how homophobic of you. actually today i was protesting at ratcliffe on soar power station. and we did well. and the copper that got hurt? so fucking what!! roll on tomorrow!

      • Justin Says:

        Just for the record, are you saying it is ok to hurt people in the pursuit of your cause?

        I knew you were protesting you fucking imbecile why do you think I made the comment?

        Maybe the police will have better luck tomorrow and catch you doing something really revolutionary.

        By the way, this is one green, who who will not be campaigning or fundraising for green issues until idiots like you are shown for what you really are. Anti-Capitalist Anarchists. The sooner you are outed the better.

      • eye8eon Says:

        yes. i think its ok to hurt people in pursuit of the cause – but you wouldn’t know anything about real action, so dont waste my time.

      • eye8eon Says:

        justin…you are a complete greenwash bell ender….complete idiot of the highest degree….if you read the page about me, you’d know im an anarchist – you filthy greenwashed scum bag – you’re the worst type of green. You’d sell out other activists that dont do as you want them too. yes i agree with violence to protect hippies and fucking fluffy greens like you, ive even been arrested before for protecting pricks like you!!

        i enjoy being an anti-capitalist anarchist you fucking idiot.

        and by the way, this blog was set up in direct relation to the protests at e.on……you idiot

      • Justin Says:

        You know what. I can’t be arsed.

        You shouldn’t have been arsed either. No press coverage, no one hurt from your side(shame).

        But your lot were kept away from the mil1iband pre-meetings and dinner.

        Ha ha ha ha ha, you have been fucking had my idiot anarchist friend. And so have all of your mates over at

        The police thank you for only wasting £500,000 instead of the millions it would have taken to police that little lot.

        Ha fucking ha. Loser.

      • eye8eon Says:

        the news has been supressed, so the only loser is your civil liberties….
        copenhagen in december is where our voice will be heard…….nothing will stop us in copenhagen, because there wont be many chances left. and i wouldn’t waste my time on miliband, he’ll get his egg on his face when december comes and he’s seen to have done nothing….just like all governments: they do nothing of any real worth towards combating the earths issues…..

      • me! Says:

        how can you fuckin say so what to the cop who got hurt? You spineless bastard, if it was any of you hurt it would be police brutality! You are all selfish hypocrits.

      • eye8eon Says:

        i’ve been beaten by the police and ive been beaten in a police station, so fuck you. its a war.

  8. LeanandGreen Says:

    Lets smash the state, start with EON, then lets get on to the other energy companies, lets smash all the power stations. Make all the energy companies close down. They are just Capitalist Pigs. Then we should give everyone their own personal windmill.

    Then we should protest outside petrol station and stop people helping the big oil companies to make so much money. That will teach the Capitalists!

    Protest outside meat farms. Stop the cruelty to animals and lets put these fascist farmers out of business.

    Open your eyes and see what this fascist government don’t want you to see. They are all in the pocket of Big oil and Big energy.

    Tax car owners off the roads. Jail global warming deniers for treason. They are killing our planet!

    Rise up brothers, help our friend eye8eon with his vision!

    Please sign my petition at

  9. Justin Says:

    You complain about the price of energy that Eon are charging and yet just this week we have bben told that energy prices will surge by up to 60% by 2016 because of you and your green chums. I cannot afford your green tax, and I am sure there are millions of others like me out there.

    Right on brother smash the capitalist state. Dream on. Get a real life. Spend some time with your kids instead of your green chums. Go and walk in the countryside, walk along the beach, take a bike ride, play monopoly (oops sorry I mean scrabble).

    • eye8eon Says:

      you’re an idiot. thats the only reply you deserve. you probably beleive that E.ON want the 200 billion from the government to go green? then you are really an idiot.

  10. Peter Plail Says:

    My grouse about hydroelectricity is the immense environmental impact it has – I can’t even comprehend the massive quantities of concrete involved in building the dams, and as you must know the production of cement is about as bad as it can get in terms of energy usage and polution. And then there is the massive problems caused upstream by flooding and downstream by reduction in water flow which impacts on habitat and the livelihoods of farming communities. The Chinese have caused by far the most impact with their multiple dam projects, intended to raise the standard of living of the indigenous people. As for wind power, I’m afraid this leaves me speechless. The cost (to the environment and to the economy) of production and installation, the high cost of maintenance and the unreliability of the supply, let alone the impact on visual amenity and birds, means that it cannot ever become a mainstream source of energy. Wind farm developments are sustained at the moment by massive government grants – if you want to get annoyed, that is our money being fed into the profits of the manufacturers and the supply companies, and yet we still have to have massive standby generating capacity in case the wind doesn,t blow.

    Geothermal energy is, in my opinion, likely to be the least damaging, but you might not like that, because indirectly it is nuclear (a large proportion of the heat generated below the earth’s crust is a s a result of radioactivity!).

    Don’t misunderstand me, we are not on the same sides of the global warming debate, but don’t explode, let me try to explain why. If I truly believed that there was a problem, then I would be as vehemently concerned as you are – but I think we are being misled because of politicians desire for power and control (and taxes!) and some scientists desire for fame and research grants.

    First ask yourself why Al Gore is so keen on promoting global warming. He doesn’t have much of a track record of philanthropy so why is he doing it – simplistically, because his big corporation stands to make shed loads of cash from carbon trading schemes (for shed loads, read billions). As I understand it carbon trading schemes are ways of letting the rich salve their consciences by paying money. The whole system doesn’t contribute anything to society and I suspect the disadvantaged won’t see much of it. It seems very like futures trading schemes and the other “complicated financial instruments” that brought the world to its knees financially about a year ago. It’s money men playing with peoples lives.

    Now to the scientists. Many of these guys are concerned with reputation in their community and getting their research work funded gives them a chance to do bigger and better things. It is a sad fact that scientist on average are probably no less venal that the man in the street. Looking at the way some of the “leading” names in the global warming field have reacted to people who question their predictions makes me think that they may well have something to hide. I don’t know but experience tells me to be suspicious of people who say the science is settled. Science has never been settled – it evolves as mans knowledge grows. People who close their ears and eyes to this evolution cannot be called true scientists. Taking the IPCC reports, over the years they have evolved as new information becomes available – for example, the infamous “hockey stick” graph which featured in in the Third report did not appear in the fourth as it was shown to be flawed by detailed analysis of the methods and data. After all, all these reports are based on computer models, and I don’t know about you, but I never trust what programmers produce, I have seen too many software screw-ups in over 20 years in the computer industry because a programmer or software analyst has missed something seemingly minor.

    To put in in a nutshell, I don’t trust anybody unless they can make a clear, unambiguous, transparent case for their argument backed up by clear support from actual measurements. They also have to convince me that they don’t have a vested interest. Too many people have too much to gain from the global warming industry for me not to be a sceptic, which is why I will continue to ask questions rather than accept blindly, and judge the case on the response I get.

    If you read through the blogs on WUWT, you will find a lot of people asking questions OK there are people with extreme views, but at least they are all welcome and are not censored for their views, only for their language. Compare that with the leading pro-AGW blog, Real Climate – which operates a very strong censorship of dissenting views with the comment that the debate is over. I’m sorry, when someone says this I think they are losing their argument.

    I could list all the regimes that censor debate, but I’m sure you know them yourself – my view is that they are all afraid of informed debate (their alternative is simply propaganda).

    Sorry to have hijacked your anti-EON blog, but you did come on WUWT and I simply followed you back. I’m no lover of big industry (both my wife and I were made redundant by big industry – she when she was 6 months pregnant and me a couple of years later when she was pregnant with our second kid) but I also distrust big government and big quasi-governmental organisations (eg UN and IPCC). Whenever the tell us something must be done, I immediately suspect their motives, and that is the case with global warming.

    • eye8eon Says:

      ok, im not going to make this long. hydra/hydro-electric doesn’t just come from dams. Thats old technology, and to be frank, horrible land destroying, village destroying, IMF funded nonsense. Water power can be harnessed by the simple act of placing a tool into water and letting the movement of the mass create the frictions needed to create energy. These methods are around already, but are still “young”. Forget dams, they’re bad. When I suggested water power, i meant newer tech,not dams.

      I dont mind you placing your views on here, thats what this is all about. Ultimately, its a site for dissing E.ON, so anything else is not really relevant. However, I will never bulk away from a good debate or discussion or rant. No sir!

      But I will say this…I totally believe what I write, give or take a few omissions or errors, after all, I’m self educated. I left school with no GCSE’s and was in prison whilst my school friends were learning how to be adults, etc. I was fighting for my sanity and health in a young offenders jail. Thats my own fault. Whilst there, i met an anarchist named john, from brum. He told me a few things, and it all clicked with the stuff I heard as I was growing up around rebels and political activists. The government lies and kills, capitalism is bad, etc, etc.
      So my views will never be changed, ever…certainly not by someones comments, even well formed arguments, because this guys not for turning…….

      • eye8eon Says:

        PS. I will always endeavor to leave peoples comments up as long as they are not wantonly fascistic.

  11. Peter Plail Says:

    Now I’ve just read your reply to Richard “only energy production that is 100% renewable and sustainable and non-enviro impacting”

    I’m struggling to think of any energy source that meets all of those requirements, perhaps you can help me out?

  12. Peter Plail Says:

    Thank you for your balanced comments. It jsut shows how you can misjudge people.

    You see I grow a lot of my own food, I don’t holiday abroad even though I can afford it. I recycle to a high degree, my workshop is full of stuff that I can’t bear to throw away as I feel I will be able to adapt it to some other use, and often I do.

    I convert timber from trees that I and my neighbours cut down, and use it for making craft items. I also make a lot of my own furniture.

    I would probably buy my power from a green supplier if I could feel sure that they were not using their green credentials as a marketing tool. Incidentally, I hope your green supplier is Ecotricity as they seem to be the only one which actually does invest in alternative energy – the trouble is I’m not convinced that many of the so-called green power sources are so green when you consider total energy in (including manufacture, installation, maintenance and useful life) versus total energy out.

    I am also highly concerned about the plight of the less fortunate around the world, but I think that their own repressive governments and organised religion are equally to blame for their plight as any big business.

    I think population growth is far more of a threat to the world than any increase in temperature.

    I don’t see any point in getting into a pissing contest about who is greenest, but I think you should understand that there are different ways in achieving the same end.

    And finally, just try to calm down – you’ll burst a blood vessel if you carry on like that.

    • eye8eon Says:

      the way you explain your life, makes me think you’re on the right side. But I dont think you have the passions that I have, therefore my rants and blog may be too extreme for your tastes. I’m fundementally against most technologies, thats my personal preference. But if we are going to use them, they should be non-enviro impacting. Hydra-electric methods and wind power are the best solutions for now, until better technology for the job comes along. I dont want to be the greenest, shit, I dont care if you’re green or not, ultimately this site is about disliking E.ON, who are, whether you like me or not, climate criminals. I, on the other hand, am not. And by the sounds of it, from what I’ve read, you aren’t either – which is positive.

      And the reason I can’t keep calm about this issue, is because we need real solutions to the worlds problems NOW. RIGHT NOW.

  13. Peter Plail Says:

    It would be interesting to know what measures you personally are taking to reduce CO2.

    Do you use mains electricity? I guess you must do as you are using a computer (or is it bike powered).

    Do you drive a car?

    Do you ever shop at supermarkets?

    Do you grow your own food?

    Do you buy any manufactured products or do you knit your own?

    Do you holiday abroad?

    Do you have central heating?

    I am interested that you are focusing on entirely EON. Have they done something to upset you? Surely all big businesses share the responsibility for producing CO2 in an effort to supply people with what they want for a decent lifestyle. It seems to me that we have a decision to make as to what sort of lifestyle we want. I am a 63 year old with 2 children – I was brought up in the 40s and 50s and I remember how cold homes were in those days – I remember the horse drawn milk carts – I remember the poor choice of food – I remember the children with calipers on their legs as a result of childhood polio. I for one would not want to turn the clock back, but that will be the consequence of drastic reductions in CO2.

    Finally, perhaps you could manage your site without the insults – I’m afraid it says a lot about you and your destructive outlook, and your inability to sustain a logical argument.

    • eye8eon Says:

      No i don’t holiday abroad. I cant afford it, even if i wanted to. when i travel, i try not to fly or drive. i dont drive a car. i dont smoke. i dont eat meat. i dont wear leather and i recycle everything i can. There just little things in a world of complex problems that affect BILLIONS of us everyday. You are lucky to be in the situation you are,ie. living on the back of poverty in the poorest countries on the globe. Their poverty provides our safe and comfortable life…Also, i try not to use supermarkets, i have energy from a green supplier, naturally, otherwise I’d be a real hypocrite and no, I don’t buy manufactured products (if i can help it). My partner makes me things on her sewing machine and I get given things and get stuff from chazzer shops. Look, you want us, activists and concerned types, to come up with all the answers to your defensive and apologist reactions, but at the end of the day its simple – stop coal power.And, for the record, I’m targeting E.ON because they are one of the biggest climate criminals on the planet.

      • eye8eon Says:

        Also, i put swear words on my site because it’s my blog, and i can do what the fuck i want with it! cheers.

        PS. and comments like yours make me feel im doing something right!!!!

  14. richard Says:

    Reye8Teon fellow brother and comrade!

    “energy should be mass owned by corporations or left for us all to use, as and when we design, in a safer, more beneficial manner, ie. not for gain or profit, but for sustainable energy for everyone!”

    Once we lose gain and profit everybody will be the same and we can all live in the same house. The cultural revolution was the very best idea in china.

    • eye8eon Says:

      Im not a communist, more of an anarchist. the statement was…”not to mention the question of whether or not they should own it or we should”…naturally, as an anarchist, I think we, the people, shou8ld own all the means of energy production and only energy production that is 100% renewable and sustainable and non-enviro impacting.

      • richard Says:

        I think you are a comrade! With comrade lifestyle! I am trying to live now in hand made hut like native peoples of old. Problem with rain is one thing, and cold in winder. But everyone must be the same and only have what they make themselves. No one is stronger, better or smarter than anyone else! Soon I will stop burning wood alcohol for fuel and use the bow to hunt. My wife is learning to make animal skin clothes. And I will bury this computer… If you don’t agree, I have a work camp for re-education for you. Peace brother.

  15. Mr Green Genes Says:

    I have a question. Can you please explain what you mean when you state that “They pump millions of tonnes of C02, to the detriment of every … plant …”?

    • eye8eon Says:

      Its there for you to read. E.ON’S existence is to the detriment, (do you know what that means), of the health and future of every living thing on the planet?? Ie. We suffer because they profit.

      • Mr Green Genes Says:

        I’m not sure why you feel the need to be so offensive (questioning whether or not I know the meaning of the word detriment). I asked for an explanation of why you think putting CO2 into the atmosphere is to the detriment of plants, not why you think EON is crap. An answer to the question would be useful, rather than another repeat of your original statement.

      • eye8eon Says:

        Fair enough, but after i had a few negative comments on another website, i felt that you were being patronising. i didn’t mean to offend you by asking if you knew what detriment means…i genuinely thought you were being patronising, and i still think you kind of were being that. But anyway, yes plant life can absorb CO2 BUT IT WILL NOT MATTER if we dont stop using coal power right now! Is that ok for you?

  16. George E. Smith Says:

    “”” Eye8eon has been recently set up because I, a 29 year old father of two small children and slave to my conscience, really, really dislike E.ON, the disgustingly criminal energy company with a global presence, particularly in Europe. “””

    Well Eye8eon, at 29 years old you are the father of two small children; well so what; you could have done that at age 18 or even 16. But why did you father two children knowing that it is world population that is responsible for all the evil emissions in the world.

    Even the Chinese are smart enough to know, that with only ONE child per family, their future population is going to increase by 500 million before it stabilizes. I think you should dispose of one of your two; you have more than your fair share. Well just sell one; I’m not into eliminating persons who already exist.

    At 29 you are still wet behind the ears; and need to get some education before flying off in every direction like Don Quixote.

    • eye8eon Says:

      You dont know me, or my children….so fuck you. maybe you should move to china then, based on your logic, if you hate kids so much!
      you idiot.

  17. Jimmy Haigh Says:

    “no more coal, no more coal power stations.”

    Are you going to run your blog on windpower? Or solar?

    • eye8eon Says:

      are you going to live knowing you’ve done nothing to support a better future? and, for your info, i get my energy from a green provider – you idiot!

  18. Try washing CO2 gases with burnt lime, so you will get Calcium carbonate, but to obtain burnt lime you will have to burn lima (calcium carbonate) then producing the same amount of CO2.
    Don´t worry! CO2 is heavier than air, it is not up there.
    CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere, its amount it is just 3.8 PER TEN THOUSAND.
    The original idea of the greenhouse effect was from Svante Arrhenius, who imagine it like being thw¡e window panes of a greenhouse, but that would render a greenhouse with 3.8 panes and 9996.2 emty holes.
    You have been cheated by the “Gordo” (Al, the prophet who profits)

  19. The only way out I see is that you stop breathing. We, humans, exhale CO2 and plants breath it and give us Oxygen back for us to breath.

    • eye8eon Says:

      your comment was pathetic. co2 this co2 that. Ultimately, we need to stop using resources that emit excessive and dangerous levels, full stop. no more coal, no more coal power stations. simple.

  20. IloveCO2 Says:

    Sad, very sad.

    • eye8eon Says:

      do you mean, sad as in your log in name, “iloveco2”? or do you mean the sad fact that E.ON contribute to global warming?

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