About Me

This page is basically for those that leave negative comments, attack me personally in a comment or my family, or those that ignore or denie climate change from fossil fuel retail and other elements of capitalist globalisation.

– Im a bit of an anarchist-primitivist, so I couldn’t give a fuck if you love E.ON, love capitalism, if you love your (probably) pointless job and (probably) routine life that is (definitely) built on the back of poverty all over the world. Please dont try and convince me that life cannot be changed to function beneficially for everyone and every living thing. Because I believe it can. However, that is not my aim. Disliking E.ON everyday, that is my aim.

– I have lived a very varied and up and down life: aged 1, I was at the families against the bomb protest camp at USAF Lakenheath with my mother and other family members.That was around 1981.

– I have lived the life of a nomad and a rebel. Yet I have also committed my time to young people in the community as a youth worker and have volunteered countless hours for community groups. Some of my family were at the Beanfield when the police destroyed and stole their homes and possessions and beat them for being free and nomadic. That was around 1984.

– My mother was active during the poll tax rebellion, as were many of my friends and family during the poll tax uprising in London – commonly referred to as the poll tax riots.  Some were also there a little later on for the anti-criminal justice bill demo’s. And I’m proud of them, too.

– I don’t like mainstream/bilderberg/g20/g8/g77 politicians and their business friends. So if you do – I will never be your comrade. As far as I’m concerned, these men and women, along with their business cronies, are responsible for all the worlds wealth, health and nature related woes (which more or less covers everything that is wrong with capitalism and the plight of it’s enslaved billions!).

– I work and pay taxes…But I don’t like it one little bit. But I am yet to go back on the road, like I used to live when I was a boy. So please do not comment and ask me to have a wash or get a job or pay my taxes….I’ve heard it all my life and it’s boring. If you want to defend climate crime and capitalist globilisation, then at least have the guts to do it without your inner-moron dictating to you and maybe based on ideas of your own and not those of the daily – hate – mail or the mirage (the mirror). What I say is against E.ON and climate crime, not you personally for supporting them. For example, I wouldn’t disrespect your partner or your kids. The worst I’d do is say your job was pointless or that your life breeds climate crime. And maybe that wouldn’t be wrong? I have been known to call people idiots.

– I do not like the police/prisons/army/courts or monarchy. More or less in that order.

– Please do not mail me telling me I should like them or support them, or be grateful for them, because I class the police, for example, as my life long enemy and I see them as a pseudo-paramilitary organisation, armed and focused on protecting the property and assets of the stupendously rich and powerful. I’ve also been assaulted by police, custody officers and prison guards. (As it happens, I threw shit and piss over a screw once…)

– I believe all work places should be governed and owned by the workers.  No Bosses, No masters.

– I also believe that communities that are anarchist tend to be better for everyone involved.

– However, I do not want to turn britain into an anarchist state! So please don’t bother commenting such nonsense. I wouldn’t want to live in anarchy with millions of morons born of the system and still enslaved by it and all its far reaching tentacles. I want to live with those that are anarchists and those that are real socialists and real egalitarians, in small-to-medium communities that are sustainable and peaceful and completely fossil fuel energy free.

– I’m a vegetarian and I get my energy from a green supplier.

I think that’s it for now.


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