Climate Activist Arrested in Run-Up to Coal Action

Taken From Climate Swoop site:

October 16, 2009

Climate activists have been harassed, threatened and detained by police, just days before a mass action to take over a coal-fired power station near Nottingham.

  • Activist charged with conspiracy and bailed away from protest
  • Anti-terrorism powers used by UK border police
  • Plane Stupid: “the police are acting like hoodlums”
  • On Wednesday at 8.10pm, an activist from Leeds was walking back from a Climate Camp meeting, when an unmarked car stopped and the drivers asked his name. When he gave it, the drivers identified themselves as police officers, and arrested him on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage.

    After being questioned by Nottinghamshire police and having his notebooks rifled through at the police station, the Climate Camper has now been bailed to return at 1pm on Saturday – the exact time of the Swoop on Ratcliffe coal-fired power station.

    Over the past two days, UK border police have also used Anti-terrorism legislation to detain 4 activists who were traveling to Copenhagen to attend a meeting of the international network Climate Justice Action. The network is discussing protests due to take place during the United Nations climate talks in December.

    Yesterday Nottinghamshire police also rang up the info phone of action group Plane Stupid, to tell them not to go to Ratcliffe “because if they did, they would be arrested.” Tracy Singh from Plane Stupid said “the police are acting like hoodlums. We are absolutely disgusted.”

    Richard Bernard from the Climate Camp: “They’re threatening and arresting people for just thinking and talking about taking meaningful action. It’s very obvious to all of us that the police are only interested in protecting companies like E.ON which are causing climate change.”

    “This is clear intimidation – they’re just trying to scare us. But what’s really scary is climate change, and that’s why we’re going to take control of Ratcliffe on Saturday.”


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