Fuck Kingsnorth

This is the official statement that E.ON released around a week ago, much to the delight of moi and a few others!


Kingsnorth statement

We can confirm that we expect to defer an investment decision on the Kingsnorth proposals for up to two to three years.

This is based on the global recession, which has pushed back the need for new plant in the UK to around 2016 because of the reduction in demand for electricity.

As a Group, we remain committed to the development of cleaner coal and carbon capture and storage (CCS), which we believe have a key role to play alongside renewables, gas and nuclear, in tackling the global threat of climate change while ensuring affordability and security of energy supplies.

Taken from SourceWatch:

During his term as CEO, E.ON has proposed and lobbied heavily for the construction of a new coal-fired generating unit at the Kingsnorth Power Station. In a 2008 opinion column, Golby dismissed opposition to the proposed new power station, which the company has touted as “Carbon Capture and Storage ready”. “The climate campers believe that a combination of wind and wave power and increased energy efficiency will be enough to bridge the gap. But that is simply unrealistic. We also need a new generation of nuclear reactors, more gas storage facilities and gas stations, and a limited number of new coal-fired stations, built ready to be fitted with CCS equipment, which could cut carbon emissions by 90%,” he wrote.[3]

“For some environmentalists any new coal station, whatever technology it incorporates, is one coal station too many. Others demand that new coal stations only be permitted if they are fitted with CCS from day one. But how can CCS be developed for full commercial application unless we first build the stations to prove the technology? And how do we fill the energy gap if no new coal plants are to be permitted for at least the next 10-15 years?,” Golby wrote.[3] In response, one reader counter-posed questions to Golby: “You say you need to build it to develop CCS, why haven’t you developed it in existing plants?”


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