Our Friends Down Under

Its not strictly E.ON related, but still, it proves that action against climate crime is happening everywhere!

I pasted it from AdelaideNow.com

150 police at flower protest

Sunday Mail (SA)


September 27, 2009 12:01am

MORE than 150 police – including mounted, dog squad and STAR group officers – faced off with 35 environmental protesters brandishing native flowers in Port Augusta yesterday.

The protesters, from the Climate Emergency Action Network (CLEAN), marched on the Port Augusta power station yesterday morning, demanding it be shut down to protect the environment.

They were stopped by a group of mounted police about 2km away from the station’s entrance, where they laid 350 bottlebrush flowers in a symbolic ceremony to represent 350 parts per million of atmospheric carbon – the amount scientists say is the upper limit to maintain a safe climate.

“Coal-fired power needs to be switched off, and we have got two of the most polluting ageing power stations in Australia here in Port Augusta,” CLEAN spokeswoman Ruth Ratcliffe said.

“We are currently at 390 (parts per million of atmospheric carbon), which is why the transition to renewables, and to switch off coal, is so urgent.”

Police would not confirm the numbers deployed to Port Augusta yesterday, but a source within police placed the number at “over 150”.

Police also would not say how many protesters they had been expecting, although a similar protest held at Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria last Sunday attracted hundreds and led to 22 arrests.

Shadow police spokesman David Ridgway said the police turnout was absolutely over the top.

“I just think those facilities (officers) should be out keeping communities safe.”

Superintendent Howard Davies, on scene at Port Augusta, said the Hazelwood incident had been a major factor in the large police turnout at the Port Augusta protest.

“The events in Hazelwood two weeks ago were a big concern for police,” he said.

“We needed to be prepared just in case the events that took place in Hazelwood took place here.”

No one from plant operator Flinders Power was available to comment.


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