Why Are E.ON Shit?

Maybe it’s the  BILLIONS in profit that they reap from the gastly business of depleting what’s left of their fuel and charging extortionate prices for services that do not give people hope of a future without combustable fossil fuels and carbon emissions – while everyone who is poor,in an energy and financial sense, stays poor or becomes worse off?

Or are E.ON shit because of the fact the planet earth and everything on it and within it’s cycles of life are literally poisoned by the waste of E.ON’s product, mass energy retail, which obviously pumps the atmosphere with CO2 levels that are creeping us closer and closer to a ‘meltup’ situation, (When the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere rises and CO2 levels go beyond the point of no return. Thats, Beyond The Point Of No Return folks…No second chance, etc)?

Or maybe it’s because of the fact that E.ON don’t give a flying mouse wheel about anyone else but themselves as a company and themselves as individual competitors for riches and status within their workplace?

And while I’m on the subject, here’s where I stand on any argument about E.ON workers missing shifts because of actions, or workers p’d off with activists…

Yes I care when my fellow working people are sacked or made redundant – loads of us about these parts have bills to pay. But that does not cloud my judgment on E.ON and the deadly game it is playing with our home, and our life bearer, the planet Earth. And it is up to the workers to organise, as the climate activists do, to determine their own future as workers. So if they play a part in the product of E.ON, mass energy retail and the resulting emissions, then they are as much part of the poisoning as the horrible company that they receive their wages from. If they wanted to, the workers could control E.on and not the other way around.


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